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Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club is a volunteer run club that offers a safe, family-friendly environment for people of all ages to experience the joys of naturism. Like most naturist clubs, we welcome newcomers visits to get used to naturism, but the expectation is that, when suitable weather conditions prevail and you feel comfortable, you will shed your clothes.  

Contact us to arrange a visit and have a look at our facilities and discover for yourself the many benefits of naturism and what a haven AONC provides.

We charge a Day Visitor Fee of $20 per adult.  Visits to be arranged via prior appointment only please.


Applying for Membership

In order to apply for membership, you need to:

  • Contact our membership coordinator at so that we can arrange for you to meet some committee members, to answer any questions you might have about the club/membership etc.

  • Visit the club 3 times 

  • Be willing to embrace the naturist lifestyle and abide by our club rules.

You will then be provided with a membership application form to complete.  All membership applications are presented at our monthly committee meetings. 

Membership Fees

Our annual membership fees are: 

  • Youth   - $110 (18 to 25 years of age)

  • Adult    - $400 (25 to 65 years of age)

  • Senior  - $300 (65+ years of age)

  • Family  - $300 (per adult with accompanying child members up to age of 18 years of age, for the first two years of membership)

  • Children accompanying an adult are free up to the age of 18. 

Why join AONC?

  • Members have 24/7 access to the club grounds, incl the pool, spa, sauna (open 24/7)

  • We provide a comfortable, family friendly environment for naturists.

  • The perfect place to unwind, with wide open spaces in nature and a private native bush walk 

  • A variety of sports facilities for those who want to get active in the open fresh air.

  • We cater for families, with a kid's pool, playground, trampoline etc.

  • A great place to socialize, we offer a variety of events, i.e. Christmas, Easter, Matariki, Bingo nights etc 

  • We have a licensed bar and a tuck-shop (open over weekends)

  • Discounted rates for camping/accommodation to our members

  • Our club is affiliated with the New Zealand Naturist Federation (NZNF) and the International Naturist Federation (INF), which provides you with an NZNF/INF card in order to visit other NZNF/INF affiliated clubs

Whilst we welcome visitors, please note that we are a private members club and reserve the right to refuse entry

Please also note that we unfortunately don't allow unlimited visits for anyone (as we are a club, the aim is to join as a member).

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